Entrepreneur, Sharing Economy Expert and Author


Hello world. And thanks for visiting my website. I advise startups including JustPark which I ran as CEO for 3 years. I got to work with some top talent in the London tech scene and investors like BMW and Index Ventures. If you’re passionate about solving a major real-world problem, check out our open roles. I also recently joined the board of another very exciting, earlier stage marketplace: Spacehive who are looking to empower people to crowdfund cities.

I’m also the author of a new book on the sharing economy called The Business of Sharing. You can read about how I ended up running a company and writing a book at the same time here. Tough – but an incredible experience. I got to interview some of the my tech heroes like the founders of Airbnb, Zipcar and BlaBlaCar and some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists. Just as interestingly, I got to meet a tiny fraction of the millions of people using sharing and P2P services. I’ve since become an expert on the sharing economy – or as it’s sometimes called – the collaborative economy or collaborative consumption. I’ve discussed the sharing economy on the BBC, Bloomberg, Sky among others and got to speak at conferences around the world.

I also wrote a novel during a career break – there’s a bit of background here and a synopsis here.

If you’ve stumbled across this and want to get to know me, find me on Twitter.