The Business of Sharing

81-isuidiZLPublished by Macmillan in 2015, The Business of Sharing is the latest and critically-acclaimed book on the sharing economy.

It’s the only book on the sharing economy written by an entrepreneur and gives the insider’s take on the sharing economy.


What the experts are saying:

“A great book about history being made today in the sharing economy.”

Alfred Lin, Sequoia Capital

“Alex offers an engaging and informative narrative on the business of ‘sharing’.”

Lily Cole, Actor, Supermodel

“A remarkable book. Alex Stephany is a rare author, combining the experiential insight of a successful entrepreneur with the longer-range vision of a deep thinker. Read this book.”

Arun Sundararajan, Professor, Stern School of Business, NYU

“The Business of Sharing is an excellent read for any entrepreneur. Alex gives a great overview of the sharing economy.”

Martin Varsavsky, Founder, Fon; serial entrepreneur

“Superb… Alex brings razor-sharp insights on the challenges and opportunities for us all in this fast-changing landscape. A fast and thrilling read.”

Mark Suster,

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